WANTED: Deal Processor

Prestigious exotic Automotive dealership in heart of Loudoun County now accepting applications for a very limited and highly sought-after internship. We are an exclusive luxury franchise dealer managing exotics and supercars, not including Aston Martin, Bentley, Karma, and Koenigsegg, plus many supercar off-brands, not limited to Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and numerous other high-line vehicles. Established ownership group with over a decade of retailing the most luxurious and largest exotic car inventory in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Territory. Applications must be submitted before end of July, 2022.

Document Processing:
Gather all State, Federal and applicable loan documents on all transaction for processing
Contact Insurance Provider and make sure vehicle is insured and added to policy
Request Insurance ID Card on vehicle purchased and include Insurance ID card in final documents
Request and gather Physical Registration Card for each vehicle traded
Request and gather Physical Title for each Vehicle Traded
Contact Specific Bank and get 10–14-day PDF Payoff Documents
Gather any and all needed documents on specific transaction per DMV, Bank or Store’s needs

Loan Funding:
Carefully and meticulously fund each loan or lease in accordance with approval
Send all required State, Federal and Loan / lease documents to bank for funding
Follow up on each loan status and make sure funding is completed within 24 hours
Send any and all required documents in an event there are stipulations and or additional documents are needed
Print funding sheet and put in folder

Office Deal Processing Hand Over:
Gather and Sort all Documenting Processing and Loan Funding
Prepare all State and Federal Department of Motor Vehicle documents
Sort all gathered documents in order of need
Hand over Folder to Office and make sure all documents are included

Sales Document Packing:
Gather, Sort, Print any and all State, Federal and or Loan/Lease Documents
Highlight all necessary areas for signing
Prepare FedEx shipment to client
Prepare FedEx shipment back to dealership

CPO, Warranty Registration & Cancellations:
Register all CPO & Warranty per need
Cancel Clients Warranty per need

Education Requirements:
GED / High School

Position Hours: Part Time (potential to become full-time after couple months)
Position Times: 9:00AM – 7:00PM

compensation: Unpaid Internship

employment type: part-time


job title: Deal Processor

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