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No matter what your pest Control problem is we can Eliminate it and Prevent future problems. Proudly serving the Entire Northern Virginias Area with of Satisfied customers.

At SPRK Pest Solutions, we understand the difficulties that occur when pests invade your home or business. Since 2018, we have been delivering high-quality solutions for all types of pest problems in the Northern Virginia area. With an emphasis on excellent communication and punctual service, we guarantee your satisfaction by providing you with safe, eco-friendly treatments tailored to your specific pest issues. If you want your expectations met and your pest problems solved, SPRK Pest Solutions is the company to call.


Full Pest Control & Removal Services:
✔️Termite Inspection & Prevention
✔️Residential & Commercial Service
✔️Bed Bug Inspection & Treatment
✔️Flea Inspection & Treatment
✔️Extermination of Spiders, Ants, Roaches and all invading Insects
✔️Effective Yard Treatments
✔️Safe & Effective Environmental Treatments
✔️Affordable Quarterly Treatment Plans Available
✔️Veteran Owned
✔️Fully Licensed & Insured Exterminator Services
✔️Guaranteed Results

Call Today for Your Inspection & Evaluation (571)-497-5595

No matter what your Pest Control situation is, we will remove them immediately: Termites-Ants-Bees-Bed Bugs-Fleas–Flies-Roaches-Spiders-Insects-Mice-Rats All Invading Insects


We service the Entire Northern Virginia Area

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