Side Jobs/Welding/Painting (residential interior only)

I am a certified welder by trade looking to bring in some extra income to support my family during these trying times. I can do many different side jobs as I have skills in many different trades. I am especially good at interior painting. I am NOT a licensed painter, but have a ton of experience doing it on the side. I pride myself on my old school work ethic meaning I am energetic, hardworking, professional, well organized and methodical, loyal and most important HONEST. I guarantee you will be more than satisfied with my work and character. If you need a task completed that is not painting, please contact me with your task and if I can do it and do it right I am your man. If I am not 100% confident the work will be perfect I will be honest with you and pass on the job. I wont accept unless I can make you happy not give you more headaches!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Matt Johnson

offered virtually

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