Seeking a Highly Intelligent Egg Donor! Compensation up to $50K!

Compensation up to $50K for the right candidate!

We are a well-respected egg donation and surrogacy agency in Southern California. We currently have high-profile Intended Parents actively searching for a highly intelligent and well-educated donors. We are looking for someone who has attended or is currently attending an Ivy League or equivalent Top Tier school for an Undergraduate Degree, Graduate or Master’s Degree or a Doctorate Program. We are also looking for donors with high standardized test scores and high intelligence.

The compensation for this cycle will range from $25,000 to $50,000 for the candidate that is chosen.

Please press reply at the top of the page to contact me if you believe you fit the criteria or would like more information! We can also put you in touch with previous donors to get a better understanding of the experience. Or, if you would like to sign up directly, please go to our website:

*Generous compensation for your time and effort
*Thousands of dollars worth of genetic testing results for your own records
*Learn more about your own fertility and valuable information for your future family planning
*Change someone’s life in a way that is truly the world’s greatest gift! Intended Parents are typically couples who have been through many years of struggles just hoping to be parents, cancer survivors, women who learned early on that they would never be able to have children from their own eggs, or same sex couples.
*Work with one of the top agencies in the country so that you can make sure you are taken care of throughout the process

Minimum Egg Donor Requirements:
1. You have to have a desire to help people and must be mature/responsible.
2. Between the ages of 18-29 years old.
3. You CANNOT be a smoker or have ANY drug use within the last 3 months!
4. You must have regular periods. (If you have an IUD, it must be non-hormonal)
5. You CANNOT have a family history of clinical depression or mental illness.
6. You must have completed at least 1 semester of college.
7. You must be height/weight proportionate (BMI must be less than 27)

I am also searching for a few other potential candidates for clients who don’t have as many requests so if you think you would be a good fit for egg donation, I would love to hear from you.

„*Please note that these are very special cases and not the „norm“ in terms of egg donation cycles. We would love for you to apply to our regular program with regular compensation amounts if you do not meet ALL of the requirements this client has. The typical compensation for a first time donor is between $6,000 – $15,000. This is also dependent on verifiable personal and educational achievements and your compensation may be raised after each subsequent cycle.“

Things You Should Know:
*Being a donor does NOT cause infertility
*You will need to go to about 6-8 doctor’s appointments in a 2-month time frame (paid for by the client)
*The process should not be painful and you should be able to go back to work/school the day after your retrieval
*You can live anywhere in the United States and be a donor
*Being a donor will not cost you anything out of pocket

compensation: Up to $50,000 per cycle

employment type: employee’s choice

job title: Egg Donor

telecommuting ok

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