Saturn Vue 03 - Engine Stall/Security Bypass

I’ve had my Saturn Vue 2003 for over a decade and recently I’ve been experiencing a problem with the SECURITY light being on and the engine stalling when I try to turn it on. The engine will start but the security light remains on and I’m unable to put the car in gear. After a few more cranks the engine stalls and stops and I get the security light and a beeping security sound.

The car ran fine for the last few days, it’s got new transmission fluid, frequent oil changes, and a new serpentine belt just a couple months ago. The car used to have an ignition key issue that’s been repaired and replaced for free by the local GM dealership.

Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on? Preferably a mobile mechanic? I have plenty of space on my driveway for repairs

I’ve seen the issue online and would love some assistance. Here is the forum:

If there are any Saturn or GM enthusiasts out there who can help me I’d be very appreciative. We can discuss payment/hourly rate!

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