Research Analyst

Who we are:
We are a leading dissertation consulting firm that supports our clients through comprehensive assistance in all facets of their academic journey concerning the completion of their doctoral dissertation.

About the work environment:
We are a 100% remote work environment where you are responsible for selecting your own hours and your paycheck depends entirely on your productivity. This is a contract work position. You can select to take on as many or as little projects as you wish and can pick which projects you are comfortable completing. Project managers are responsible for giving you clear instruction for projects. We truly do have a team environment. This position is ideal for individuals who have a lifestyle where they either prefer to work from home or where situations in their life require it. This is also a fantastic additional source of income for young academics who are working in adjunct positions or that want to build a resume that includes research analyst work.

Compensation depends on productivity. Our academic research analysts will range from making about $1,000 a month by taking on a single project to making $5-6,000 working on multiple projects. Our compensation also includes discretionary bonuses for accepting work requiring quick turnaround times, taking on a large workload, or for exceptional work. We want top performers to feel valued.

Projects require different tasks. While some projects may require the cultivation of a topic based on a drafted problem statement, purpose statement, and research question, other projects could require completion of a literature review related to the client’s topic. We offer extensive training to new contractors and our project manager staff are all Ph.D.’s with extensive experience. Even after training, your project manager will be a lifeline if you need assistance.

A bachelor’s degree or higher, however, most of our analysts have graduate degrees.
Strong command of the English language.

To apply:
Please email us through this ad with a recently updated resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in the Academic Research Analyst position.

compensation: Pay dependent on project

employment type: contract

job title: Academic Research Analyst

telecommuting ok

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