Quality Professional Local/Regional Hauling $40/hr With CCJ Logistics LLC

Clean mid roof cargo van and manpower available to assist with transporting furniture pieces, to assist you with getting large purchases from the store to your door, or getting bulk trash items to the dump and out of your way. With over 10 feet of cargo length, by 5 feet width, and approximately 6 feet of available cargo height, I am pretty that we can accommodate your need(s).

Contact With Details/Approx. Dimensions For Items to Be Moved, And to Receive a Free Estimate or Schedule Pickup
*Rates starting at $40/hr for up to 8 hours of availability.
*Subject to increase to $50/hr for larger jobs which may require additional employee/helper, and variable costs for any bulk trash removal by weight and content type to address disposal/dump fees.
*Pricing DOES NOT include any labor beyond loading/transport/unloading, however costs for assembly can be discussed if required.
*Distances beyond 50 miles subject to $10 fuel surcharge per 50 miles accrued.

**800lbs capacity convertible dolly, 1000lbs capacity furniture dolly, ramp, ratchet style tie downs to secure items, moving blankets to protect delicate items, and pallet wrap to compress/secure items are all tools that are available to be used to guarantee efficiency and care when loading, hauling, and delivering your possessions.

Let me/us help you out with a high quality, honest, friendly, professional, and punctual service! My companies motto is „Delivering What Matters“. And what matters to you, matters to CCJ Logistics LLC ?.

– Items to be hauled are covered by a 100k cargo insurance policy.
– We do not haul or transport drugs, weapons, other contraband, live stock, pets, or items deemed as hazardous materials.
– Payment methods are Cash, or Electronic Payment/CC through PayPal. Invoices made available via email or hand written receipt.
– The physical condition of all items must be documented and any blemishes photographed for liability concerns, and also for both the customer and my company’s best interest.

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