Progressive, lively (& cute!) Café seeks Empathic, Kind Partner

Yes, we’re both over educated, progressive, empathic, maybe a little obsessive/anxious, a little serious – but above all kind – and we both came to DC for a (meaningful?) reason.

Yeah, we’ll, we’re still working on that, but in the *meantime* hoping to to find someone (special) to share our corner of the city with, introduce our friends to, and maybe even to our family…eventually. In the end, someone to make DC life a little easier, and kinder, for ourselves and others who live here…sound like a fit?

(Oh – did we mention we’re a bit of a neat freak?)

We’re looking for a partner (ok, Manager/Leader) who knows how to hustle and who share our vision: create a progressive business that reflects our diverse city, creates a warm, open space for our entire community, and that takes care of our customers as if they were our own family and friends.

You’ll be part of a diverse, *progressive* team and lively community that has supported our business for nearly 8 years in our original location, and allowed us to grow and open a couple other small stores in the District.

But let us be upfront: we have no interest in becoming a some kind of corporate coffee/salad/etc/etc „concept“ that iterates itself ad nauseam until you’re eating out of our hexagonal to-go bowls across the country. We respect the drive to be everywhere, but it’s just not our thing.

We aim to be a „great, good place“ and our simple reason for being is to provide our customers a real, authentic, rooted local business and escape from their day, a great espresso or cocktail, and a place to read, write, or connect….yeah, a place with soul.

Ok, so all the aspirational, esoteric stuff aside, we’re still a restaurant and we are looking for candidates that believe in the above, but also can run a busy, non stop operation without freaking the f**k out….!

Yes, it takes experience, calm, and *kindness* to take care of both customers and your team at the same time.

Ok, you’ve made it this far, what’s the fine print? Yeah, the same as every other Manager job you’ve been looking at, but here you go. You can also skip this, and drop us a line ; )

The store Manager’s core purpose is to be responsible for continually improving and refining service and the customer experience at Emissary. They will direct our staff in collaboration with a Coffee Manager, Bar Manager, Kitchen Manager, and Shift Leaders to make sure daily operations flow smoothly.

They are responsible for hiring, training, and supervising all FOH managers and staff.

The Manager will also manage the floor during service, perform a variety of administrative duties, and work closely with the FOH and BOH leadership teams. They will manage the daily operations of the restaurant and accept responsibility for product quality and our guest and staff experience.
Interested? Hit us up, we’d love to hear from you!

compensation: salary based on experience

employment type: full-time

job title: Manager & Store Leader

2032 P St NW near 21st St

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