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Are you tired of not being able to find anything or don’t have time to do the basic day-to-day chores? Then why not hire a professional organizer/personal assistant? Not only will you easily find your possessions and get what needs to be done, you will save time, money, and remove stress from your life. Just tell me what needs to be done–and it will be done! I can help you with any task or challenge that you don’t have energy or time to do. I am available for a single project or for on-going services. I will definitely make your life easier by helping with details, projects, and chores such as:
You have the option of hiring one or two organizers. However, we have found that having 2 organizers is much more efficient and productive than having 1, and you get „more for your money.“ It also seems to be a better overall experience for the client. While one of us can concentrate solely on you and your needs, the second can keep things moving. Although, not every client can comfortably work with more than one organizer at a time, and not every project requires it if the project is very small.

The bigger the package, the bigger your savings, so you will want to consider how big the project is.

I will save you time and money. You will also have peace of mind knowing that your life is one step closer to becoming organized.
202 627 8220.

Unpacking & Organizing
We can unpack your items after a move and organize all your belongings in your new home to save you tons of time and energy so you can concentrate on getting back into a normal routine.
*PLEASE be sure to leave your name and number, as I may be with another client. Thank You!
ding upon how many hours you purchase and the type of services you require (hands-on organizing, unpack/set-up services,
Experience counts! maria 5 hr minimum _up
call 202 627 8220
Open 7 days a Week! an holidays
Call Before Noon For Next-Day Appointments!
good references from my past client please respect my time.???

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