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If you need auto or truck repairs done on your site call me, Cesar @ (202) 704- 3746

I currently work in a local shop and am now offering on-site repairs to keep you on the road during these hard times.

My services include:

Air Conditioning: I offer a complete system check for leaks as well as a simple recharge. I can also make any necessary repairs to keep you cool as it heats up this summer.

Brakes: I offer a free inspection of your brakes. I can tell you how much longer you can go before l’ll need to repair the brakes. No sense fixing something that isn’t broken or in need of repair.

Coolant System: I offer a complete cooling system inspection, flush and fill. I will make a recommendations as to the remaining life in your car’s Radiator Hoses. I can replace them if needed.

Suspension: Does your car seem to bounce too much? You may need new shocks or struts. I can diagnose the problem and keep you riding smoothly.

Electrical: With today’s complicated electrical systems on cars it’s often more difficult to find the problem without sophisticated equipment. I have all of the tools and know how to fix whatever isn’t working on your car.

Tune Ups: Most cars today are designed to operate longer than your parents car’s did between tune up. But what newer cars have are a computer and sensors that your parent’s car did not. Sometimes it’s a real problem and sometimes it’s only a defective sensor. It takes an Honest Professional Mechanic to know the difference and keep your car running at peak performance.

I am that Mechanic. My name is Cesar @ (202) 704- 3746 and I will come to you.

Call me today! I can usually visit your place the same day.

I hope to hear from you when you need me.


@ (202) 704- 3746

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