Marketing/Floor Manager

Marketing/Floor Manager

Seeking experienced floor and marketing manager to join our small restaurant team. This is a dual job, manage a few shifts and run the marketing and promotions for the restaurant. This is a really interesting position that requires a smart, creative person with attention to detail, a good work ethic and a great sense of humor.

Essential Qualities Required:
* Floor management experience
* Smart, calm, efficient
* Good sense of humor
* Good with people
* Creative
* Strong work ethic

We are looking for a smart, talented, good natured, motivated, hard-working, (is that all?) Marketing/Floor Manager to help run a few floor shifts and manage our media/marketing/promotional efforts. Shape the restaurant’s marketing voice, coordinate between front and back of house in creating marketable content, special dinners, wine tastings, off-site events, partnerships, collaborations, etc.

Essential Responsibilities:
* Maintain website
* Manage social media accounts
* Organize and host off-site events
* Organize and host cool on-site events/promotions
* Basic graphic design
* Manage some floor shifts
* Other cool shit

compensation: Pay: Commensurate with experience and abilities

employment type: full-time

job title: Marketing/Floor Manager

223 Pennsylvania Ave., SE near 3rd Street, SE

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