Lifeline Agents Wanted- Direct Contracts Available

We are now looking for agents and subcontractors who would like to participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program. This program will add unlimited data to our already high-quality smartphones. We are looking for agents to take customer information, input it into the enrollment platform, and activate phones. We provide full training in all regions of D.C. The process usually takes about 15 minutes to enroll a customer. In this capacity you can help your own community while making money for yourself. To say it is a Win/Win is an understatement.

Agent Responsibilities
– Input customer information
-Handle Sensitive information
-Activate live handsets
-Communicate with managers
-Manage money for upsells
-Set up event locations

SubContractor Responsibilities (Negotiable *Highest Pay Available)
-Manage Teams or Team of agents
-Manage Inventory
-Complete onboarding for new agents
-Order Inventory
-Complete Payroll

*Subcontractors must have an ACTIVE LLC to Qualify.

Who We Are

We are the fastest growing marketing company in Lifeline. Our team is committed to the success of both our direct team and our subcontractor partners. We are committed to keeping up with the growth of our partners.

What we offer
– Unlimited Inventory
– Unlimited Equipment *free of charge
– 3 Day Onboarding
– Admin on Call for any/ all needs including interviews
– Highest Compensation in the industry
– In House Agent Support
– Payroll Services
– State of the Art Inventory System/ Phone Tracking

compensation: $3000-$5000

employment type: full-time

job title: Lifeline Agents

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