Knife and Tool Sharpener - We will Train You. Make up to $40.00/hr

Great Paying, Low-Stress, Side Hustle for full-time workers, students, retirees: or if you just need some extra money on a regular basis.

Things You Need:
1. Reliable Transportation
2. Access to a Computer and/or smart Phone
3. Must be Personable and Presentable
4. Must be comfortable using electric hand tools (Bench Grinder)
5. Must allow a background check
6. Must want to make money!

We are a Mobile Sharpening Service. We sharpen cutlery, scissors, garden tools, axes, etc.

We sharpen at people’s homes, Farmer’s Markets, and planned community events.

This is not heavy labor. You make your own schedule. Most of our people have full-time jobs and they sharpen after work and on weekends.

NO COST TO YOU: We provide all the equipment and training you need to be successful. Tools and equipment fit easily into the trunk of a car.

We will pay you $400 when you complete your self-paced training (you will have 3 weeks to complete approximately 20 hours of training). We use machines specifically designed to sharpen knives and tools; it is safe. Training can start as soon as this weekend.

We will schedule your appointments for you. All you have to do is show up on time and do a great job.

We are hiring right now!

Look for our reviews on or

We can also let you talk to some of our sharpeners if you like; just let us know!

Still have questions; respond and we will get back with you.

Go to our website and start your application at the following link:

compensation: $20/hr – $40/hr

employment type: part-time

job title: Sharpener

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