House Cleaning Services (Limpeza de casas)

Vacuum & Mop Floors
Wash tub, showers, and jacuzzi
Clean Fans and Vents
Clean countertops. sinks, and mirrors
Vacuum Rugs
Remove trash/replace trash bags
Clean light fixture
Clean and disinfect toilet

Vacuum and wash floors
Clean surface appliances
Clean stove burners
Scrub sink
Clean cabinets
Clean inside microwave
Wash countertops
Inside toaster oven
Clean fingerprints on doors
Clean ceiling fans
Dust and wipe windows sills
Remove trash/replace trash bags

Dining Areas
Clean mirrors and glasses
Dust and wipe baseboards
Clean sliding glass doors
Dust chandeliers, lamp, and blind
Remove Cobwebs
Dust furniture
Vacuum furniture
Dust hanging pictures

Make beds and change linens
Dust furniture
Clean lamps
Vacuum floors and rugs thoroughly
Remove trash/replace trash bags

Contact Information:
Flor Guzman
(703) 586-5830

offered in person

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