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Here is a little bit about me and my company:
If you are tired of your current HVAC contractor ripping you off and lying to you please give me a try and I promise you will not call another company ever again, my service is second to none and my prices are unbeatable especially for the quality of my service. I’m just an honest guy looking to make a decent living while helping people out, not stealing from them like these companies I have worked for made me do. I just want to make my customers happy so they want to tell their friends and family about me! It’s awesome to have my customers smiling and thanking me, that’s so rewarding to me and so much better than gouging them. I could definitely charge more money but taking away a family’s vacation isn’t something that makes me feel good about myself plus I will gain more work from every happy customer so it will work itself out in the end „KARMA!“ So give me a try I promise to treat you better than your current hvac company, and then tell your friends about me!

1. AC/Heat Pump clean and check- $139 additional systems $98. My schedule clean and check is a true maintenance unlike these companies that charge $69 just to get their foot in the door to try and sell you something you don’t want or need. I do what the manufacturer recommends to keep your system running safely and efficiently and I will also give you a heads up which parts are going to fail soon and I carry most parts on my truck so you can replace them during the maintenance so you never have to be without AC and also it’s usually 40-50% cheaper because I’m already there and have my tools out and system opened up.

2. Honeywell media filter-$595 or $475 with the installation of a new hvac system
These filters are 4″ thick and stop 99% of all dirt, dust, dander, pollen, and other allergens as compared to your standard 1″ filter the stops about 60%. The 1″ filters never fit snug they allow a lot of dirt to go around them also where the Honeywell is a tight fit nothing goes around them only through the filter material which keeps your indoor coil clean and running efficiently and also makes the air your family breaths much healthier these are the same type of filters that are used in hospitals. The best part is they last for the whole year and can be purchased at Home Depot for around $30, as compared to changing your 1″ filter every month or two and spending $15 on each one. This is a must for people with allergies or any other respiratory issues.

3. Smart Thermostat- NEST THERMOSTATS ARE TERRIBLE PLEASE DONT BUY IT! If you want something similar I recommend a Honeywell T6 WiFi Thermostat instead it does everything a nest can do and more and it is 10 times more reliable. This price includes the stat and labor(including setup and tutorial)-$295 or $215 with the installation of a new hvac system

4. Surge Protector or Hard Start Kit- Surge protector is a device that protects your compressor and other electrical components from lightning and from our failing electrical grid. Electrical surges is the number 2 reason for premature compressor failure so even if it works once it will save you thousands. A hard start kit is a device that will extend the life of your compressor. Especially aging compressors that have a hard time starting, this will give it an extra boost of energy to help it get started. Both of these devices can be installed for $149 or $135 if done during a maintenance appointment.

5. Water heater replacement- these prices include water heater, labor, drain pan, 3/4” brass shut off, expansion tank, and all pipe and fittings needed to reconnect water lines and gas lines. If you don’t want the expansion tank we can take $140 off the total, they are required by code by honestly are a waste of money in my opinion. The water heaters are Bradford and White water heaters and come with a 6 year warranty on tank and parts and we warranty the labor for 2 years.

40 gallon
Natural Gas/Propane-$2395

50 gallon
Natural Gas/Propane-$2650

75 gallon
Natural Gas/Propane-$3495.00

6. Air Scrubber UV light and Ionizer-I will install an Ionizer/UV light that kills all bacteria, mold, and viruses that grow in your HVAC system. It’s inevitable to have mold grow in your system because it’s cool, dark, and damp which is the perfect environment for mold to grow. This will make the air you and your family breathe much healthier. If you pair this with a media filter then you will have the same setup that hospitals use! $985 Or you can just have the standard UV light w/o the ionizer for $775 installed.

7.If you pair any of the specials above I’ll give you an additional 5% off

8. Senior citizens as well as active duty military, law enforcement, and fire/emt always get a 5% discount on any accessories or new system and 10% off any service calls. We appreciate our men and woman in uniform, thank you guys for all you do!!!!

9. Refrigerant specials- these prices include labor and the refrigerant.
R22-per pound $385
R410a-per pound $185

**Installation Prices**

If you have been told you need a new system and have gotten some outrageous prices please give me a call and let me help you save money and have a master hvac technican install your system not some guy making $20 an hour that just wants to hurry and get the job done and cut every corner he can. I will install your system correctly so you will get 16-20+ years out of your system instead of 10-12 years because your installer did a poor job, the day your system is installed is the most important day in its life. If you have a poor installation you are certain to cut its life in half and I will make sure you get your money’s worth!

Trane 14 seer Full system Pricing
(AC, Evaporator Coil, and 80% Gas Furnace or Heat Pump, Air Handler and Electric Heater)

1 1/2 ton-$6483
2 ton- $6988
2 1/2 ton-$7489
3 ton-$7997
3 1/2 ton-$8491
4 ton-$8889
5 ton-$9283
*These are prices for TRANE Full system replacements ( ac, coil, and 80% gas furnace or heat pump, air handler, and electric heater). We warranty the labor for 3 years on top of tranes 10 year parts warranty, and if you sign up for 5 years of maintenance agreements we extend the labor warranty to 5 year. This price also includes new plastic pad, pump ups, custom sheet metal transition to connect new system to your duct work(unlike most techs that just slap some sheet metal together with tape and screws that looks horrible and restricts air flow), disconnect (if needed), Honeywell T4 programmable thermostat, and all pipe, fittings, tape, and other miscellaneous stuff needed to install your system up to code and per manufacturers recommendations. We also flush your refrigerant lines with r11 flush and nitrogen to clean refrigerant lines because the two different oil shouldn’t mix, it will cause your compressor to fail prematurely usually right after the warranty is up. This is a vital step almost every tech skips, none of the companies I worked for do this they all skip this step because it’s a pain to do and they don’t care because they want it to fail in 10 years so they can sell you a new one. Thats not the way I operate, this is my company and I want someone that decides to choose me to install their system to get what they pay for which is a system installed according to manufacturers recommendations. When you hire us every installation is held to my strict standards, and there are no short cuts taken. Me and my guys take all the newest training courses that Trane offers and all my lead technicans must be NATE certified! We may not be the cheapest but I promise no one is doing a better installation than us, and we stand behind our work. In the rare instance we make a mistake we will come out within within 48 hours to repair whatever the issue is.

*If your budget is tight Trane now offers a new line called Oxbox by Trane and they are for the people that want a good system but are on a budget. It’s a better product than what Goodman, Payne, Air Temp, or Rheem offer because they have the Trane coils which is the best part about Trane, and only the difference is the compressor which still has a ten year warranty but isn’t as good as the compressor they use in the other models.

*14 seer Oxbox by Trane Full System Pricing
1 1/2 ton-$5792
2 ton- $6081
2 1/2 ton-$6513
3 ton-$6924
3 1/2 ton-$7252
4 ton-$7680
5 ton-$8141
These systems come with everything needed to get it installed up to code and per manufacturers recommendations, and includes a programmable thermostat. The warranty is a little different, it’s still 10 years on the compressor and coils but the rest of the parts are only 5 years. We warranty the labor for 1 year on these, but if you sign up for 3 years of maintenances agreements at the time of installation we upgrade your warranty to 3 years.

* AC only replacement *
If you just need you AC replaced I can do that for between $3800 and $5400depending on the type, size, difficulty of installation, and if you want Trane or RunTru by Trane. Please text or email me with the size and model number and a picture of your existing furnace and I can get you an exact price in a few minutes.

* Ductless mini splits *
I also install and service ductless mini split systems. A lot of people are purchasing their own online, if you do this please call me before you do I can get a much better price than what you can get online so just contact me first and get a quote from me for everything and then see for yourself that you won’t be saving any money ordering it yourself. I purchase hundreds of these a year so my pricing is the same or better than what these sites online are purchasing it for. So let’s cut out the middle man and you will save money and I will make the extra money that the online site would get if a homeowner purchases it. Plus the warranty process is much easier if I purchase it because your not a certified installer and it’s easier for me to get replacement parts from my suppliers and they are usually in stock so instead of waiting for the part to be shipped and possibly getting denied I can go get it same day and have it up and running in a few hours. LONG STORY SHORT YOU SAVE NOTHING BY BUYING YOUR EQUIPMENT ONLINE. YOU END UP PAYING EXTRA AND THE ONLY PEOPLE THAT WILL DO THIS TYPE OF INSTALL AREN’T THE PEOPLE YOU WANT IN YOUR HOME. I PROMISE YOU THAT!

*A little bit about myself*

– My name is Roy and I have been in the industry for over 17 years and couldn’t stand making these greedy business owners rich off the backs of the customers that I was building a relationship with and then charging them thousands of dollars for a repair that I know shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars. Not only would they rip off the customers but they couldn’t even live up to things they promised me, and the technicians are the one doing 95% of the work. They couldn’t even treat us right, when a guy gets to a point where they deserve a raise they will cut them loose and hire someone fresh out of school even though they have a lot more call backs but that’s just an opportunity to make more money in their eyes so they can pay someone else less money and actually make more money because they take longer to make repairs and make more mistakes which they just lie and say oh no it’s not a mistake there is actually another problem with your system. I just couldn’t take it anymore so I’m on my own now. My prices are half of what these big companies are charging if not more than half, and it’s working out great. If there is a question about my pricing I will always break it down for you, I mark up my parts 25% and I charge $165 per hour for service, unlike every company I worked for doubles or triples parts cost and charge between $200-$250 per hour plus all kinds of trip charges and ladder fees and pretty much a fee for anything they can think of. I am licensed and insured and do every job the right way. I learned the trade from my father who is a stickler and instilled in me that there is only one way to do every job and that’s the right way, if he caught me trying to cut a corner he would make me do it over again and not pay for my time. It annoyed me when I was younger and at 15 I didn’t like working for free but I really appreciate it now because it made me the technican I am today. I graduated from NVCC’s AC and Refrigeration program and I’ve had service and installation training from all the major brands. I never charge you until the job is done and you are satisfied so it’s risk free! Thanks for reading my super long post haha I’m just super passionate and very detailed as you can tell you won’t find a better technican than me I promise you that! I look forward to hearing from you.

license info: 2705174347

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