Extra Labor(40-105), Local (150-380), and Long Distance Moves

General Labor
Looking for extra hands to complete labor intensive tasks such as staging, furniture removal, full scale moves and more?

1 Laborer 40 Per hour
2 Laborers 75 per hour
3 and up add 30 per hour

1 laborer and a van 80 per hour
2 laborers and a van 100 per hour

We specialize in local moves. Any one who has moved within the metro area knows that most moving companies won’t move their trucks for less than 400. We understand that you might not want to pay an insane premium for what you perceive to be a simple move, and after 10 years of moving experience, we’ve streamlined the process so that you never have to pay above that*.

Flat rate moves average between 150-380

*Under 400 is expected for simple 1-bedrooms and under. For rates on 2-bedrooms and up, please inquire within.


Long Distance moves are also available upon request. Below are the expected costs of an average 1-Bedroom move from D.C. to out-of-state. For cities or states not represented, please reach out to get a more accurate quote:

D.C. to New York 500
D.C. to New Orleans 1700
D.C. to Austin/Houston/Dallas 2100
D.C. to Miami 1600
D.C. to Boston 900
D.C. to Charleston 900
D.C. to Chicago 1200
D.C. to LA 3200

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