Environmental Campaign Promoter – Commissioned

Raising funds to convert natural gas home to CO2 emissions free heat pumps.

You should be technically savvy and have experience in gaining donations for environmental causes. You should be hungry to earn commissions, build a network, and have fun using your initiative and creativity. Please provide descriptions/links or descriptions of campaigns/promotions you have worked on and describe your success with those efforts.

Campaign is raising about $31,583. You will be paid a commission of 25% on the funds you raise (after the fundraising site fees) – a value to you of up to about $7,667 in commissions. Commission paid-out weekly.

Target audience includes: environmentalists, heating and cooling contractor organizations, renewable energy interest groups (solar, wind, geothermal), building contractors and related associations, efficiency interest groups including (insulation, appliances), peace and anti-war groups, energy independence groups (including ‘peppers’), electrification advocates, electric utility allied groups, and much more.

Campaign page launched. Search G0 Fun Mee crowdfunding site for „Create CO2 Emissions Free Home“

Looking forward to working with you.

Charge on!

= Rich =

compensation: 25% on the funds you raise (after the fundraising site fees)

employment type: part-time

job title: Environmental Campaign Promoter

non-profit organization

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