Domestic Concierge

Its plain and simple. I will travel by plane in the US and retrieve any item for you and take it where you need it to be. There are only a few stipulations.
-Must be able to bring the item on a plane, either in carryon or checked package
-Nothing illegal.
-You must have Government Issue forms of ID and able to prove who you are
-Nothing Living
-Nothing Dead
-You will have to Order or Arrange the item yourself. I will just pick up and take it where I’m told

Reply to post with
1. What you want me to get
2. Where I would have to go
3. When you need it by
4. What you are willing to pay

I will reply with Yes and we can set up a video call or No I can’t do it

-Food from a restuarant you really want
-Time sensitive documents
-Sentimental Items
-Whatever is legal that you want

offered in person

offered virtually

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