Contractor yard in exchange for land clearing/retaining wall/fencing

3 acres of land need finish clearing and grading with root grubbing and gravel spreading with an 800 square foot retaining wall and perimeter 6′ chain link fence.

Any contractor looking for up to 60,000 square of secure FREE yard area may trade for some or all of the work. If you have equipment and trucks you can do any single part of this job (grading/fencing/retaining wall) in exchange for as much cash or free yard space as you need to make the trade.

Contractor’s yard will be high security with 6′ chain link fence with video camera coverage and secure/coded entry/exit gates.

You can also contract for any part of your contract paid in cash and the remaining balance to be paid in free yard space. Please text to (571) 447-2230.

9100 block near Owens Drive

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