Chief Operating Officer for a dental office

Duties & Responsibilities including but not limited to

1. Lead by example and coach team to provide exceptional patient experiences.

2. Presenting and advising patients on detailed treatment plans as prescribed by the doctor, resulting in a high acceptance rate of proposed treatments plans.
3. Maintain focus on a productive schedule that supports dentists and hygienists
4. Marketing the practice’s service offerings to other dental and professional businesses through the development of meaningful relationships.
5. Work within budget guidelines to maintain supported office profitability.
6. Manage accounts receivables; accurate insurance claim processing and patient billing.
7. Management of office inventory and supplies.
8. Ensure proper maintenance and schedule repair of dental equipment as necessary.
9. Assist patients with applying for credit and other financial assistance.
10. Human Resource management: recruitment, maintain, training, and termination of employees.
11. Work with senior management to identify areas to grow practice profitability.
12. Work with management to establish structure and operating rhythms that are repeatable and scalable. Maintain or develop practice protocols and procedures
13. Coordinate daily team huddles, weekly team meetings and quarterly practice business meetings.
14. Marketing and making sure, we maintain visibility and a good reputation in the community.
15. Ensure compliance with protocols and guidelines as they relate to patient privacy (HIPAA) and team member safety (OSHA).
16. Maintain metrics on company finances, production goals, expenditure, and provide bookkeeper / accountant with related information.

Please forward your CV with 3 references from current or former employers to be consider.

compensation: Negotiable

employment type: contract

job title: Chief Operating Officer

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