Boudoir Photographer Marketing/Influencer

Hey there, I’m a local photographer who’s looking for a marketing partner (or two) to help me promote my boudoir photography. The biggest challenges I’m facing are that I’m a male and I don’t have a developed boudoir portfolio but have shot in other styles for over a decade. While it may be easy to dismiss me as a creep with a camera I think it does a disservice to the personal impact I have on my clients.

At the core of my values I want to help every person reconnect with their own personal beauty, whether they’re an experienced model or the girl next door who’s never been in front of the camera. Every person has the right to feel beautiful, empowered and comfortable in their own skin. It’s what I strive for in everything I shoot.

The biggest strengths that I have as a photographer are a life long pursuit of traditional art & portraits, my genuine curiousity and interest in every person I meet and the unbreakable belief that every person has their own personal beauty. It is my passion to find that beauty and reflect it back to every client I have.

So while I’m looking for someone to help me with promotion I want to also extend the invitation to shoot with me(and all female crew) for free. I want to photograph you in a way that makes you feel beautiful, desirable, empowered and whatever other adjectives you want to feel. If you love the images I want you tell your friends and people that you meet. Ideally, you’re the kind of person that can have a conversation with anyone and if you feel that they could benefit from my photography you’ll let them know. We can work out any further details from there.

There’s no need for resumes for this sort of thing, I just want to have a conversation with you and see if we can come to an agreement on terms. I look forward to any responses I may get, please give me an idea of you, your story and if you’d like to include social media profiles or an idea of your experience that would be super helpful as well. Thanks!

NOTE: All images in this post are my own.

compensation: TBD

employment type: contract

job title: Marketer/Influencer

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