BEST ORGANIZER you’ll ever work with!...GUARANTEED!

Best Organizer you’ll ever work with!
That’s right I said it, ‘cause it’s true and here’s how I can support that:

1-I’ve been a Pro Organizet for +8 yrs and have honed many skill sets and I’ve mastered my Craft:
*When I was on Angies List/Home Advisors I quickly rose to the Top Ranking
Organizer for our Md/Va/DC Region and maintained that #1 Slot during our entire affiliation

2-I’m as Honest as they come and that’s a requirement for this job as many times I’ll be wkg around; SS#…Drivers License…Passport…Bank Statemts…Tax Rtns…

3-I NEVER Judge as I only come to Assist and always do it w/a Kind heart…And besides, I’ve worked on some extremely challenging Organizg jobs so be pretty tough to surprise me at this point!

4-I offer Great Organizg Tips like; Best Placement of Items…How to effectively Group things together…Storage material options…And if you’re “Space challenged” then I’m your Gal as “finding space” is 1 of my Specialties!

5-I’ll create and leave you w/an A1 Organizg System that’s easy to maintain
*Although some Clients enjoy having me back for a •Maintenance Session• where I’ll have your System back to it’s Orig state in no time!

6-I clean as I go thru an Area or Room including; Dust…Sweep…Vacuum and done upon request

7-I receive MANY Referrals from Clients and believes that’s the highest accolade a Customer can offer

So if you’re Pls reach out to discuss your Project and Thank You!

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